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Leaky faucets, broken pipes, running toilets, low water pressure, dripping shower heads, clogged toilets and drains, and much more.


Clogged drains, backed-up drains, clogged or low-flow toilets, smelly sinks, drain cleaning, preventative maintenance, and more.

Water Heating

Noisy, leaky or slow heating tanks. Repair and replace conventional, tankless, hybrid water heaters, and much more.

Full service, no hidden fees, fully bonded, up-front pricing.

How to hire a Vancouver Residential Plumber.

Connect with us

Give us a phone call, click on the book a free estimate or message us through Whatsapp and share with us some pictures of the plumbing problems at your home.

Get your upfront quote

We provide you with a personalized estimate of the work based on the pictures you send us for your approval. You’ll know how much it will cost and how long it will take before starting the job!

Schedule your plumbing service

Book your visit at your earliest convenience any time of the week. We’ll be there right on time!

Get your home plumbing fixed with care

Our courteous, skilled and professional service plumber will fix or replace any plumbing, drainage or heating problem your home may have.

Plumbing service in Vancouver and surroundings.

We serve the Vancouver area with plumbing services specializing in the maintenance, repair, and replacement of plumbing fixtures. Our certified and highly skilled plumbers and technicians are qualified to conduct various installations and repairs on commercial and residential properties. Optima Plumbing & heating offers 24/7 emergency calls, upfront pricing, and same-day service throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Drainage repairs in Metro-Vancouver

We offer specialized drainage services to help prevent flooding in homes across the Metro-Vancouver area. Our highly-skilled, certified plumbers will ensure your drainage runs fluidly and efficiently all year round, and your home isn’t in danger of flooding due to pipes backing up.

Heating repair and replacements in Vancouver area.

Optima Plumbing & Heating has it covered no matter your water heater need. As your trusted Vancouver water heater professionals, our heating technicians repair, replace, and install tankless and standard hot-water tanks. We carry all types and models and provide same-day service and replacement for gas and electric water heaters. 

Customer Testimonials


Optima went to my apartment to unclog a drain pipe, and they did a fantastic job.

A blocked drain pipeline backed water up from the suites above into my kitchen sink. I called another plumbing company and tried to unclog the pipe, but they were unsuccessful. Therefore, I never expected that Optima would be able to resolve the issue in one hour or so. It was swift and satisfying.

They not only succeeded in unclogging the pipe but also clarified to me what could be some premature signs of drain concerns in the future.


– Nanami Hirose

My kitchen sink was blocked and filling up so fast that I had to take water out with a bowl. Optima Plumbing gave me an estimate beforehand with the pictures I sent of my sink, and thank God! The job didn’t go above the estimate. They fixed my sink within an hour. They were very friendly and professional, and their price was very reasonable. I liked that they could give me a realistic quote just by sharing a few pictures with them over Whatsapp. I highly recommend everyone use Optima Plumbing.

– Monica Miller


I called Optima on Sunday after discovering a leakage in my hot water tank. The service was excellent right from when my Whatsapp message was answered. They recommended installing a new water heater since my tank was more than 12 years old. Optima came the next day with the tank ready, and I had hot water in no time. It was highly professional right from my first message to the installation – they even told me how much my water heater replacement would cost before they started the job. It was great! I’m pleased with everything and would highly recommend them.  

– Rob Coteli


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